When women support each other, it makes the impossible, possible.

Thanks for stopping by. I’ve been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years but have experience on both sides of the fence. My time in corporate America definitely made me realize I am wired to start-up. Creating brands, giving them a voice, and bringing them to life is the best part of my work. I’m also incredibly passionate about empowering other entrepreneurs, defending dreams, and encouraging others to follow their arrows. Mostly, I love watching people swing for the fences. I have over a decade of experience in business, branding, and marketing strategy and have been fortunate enough to play a role in several successful startups. I’m currently a partner and serve as the Director of Brand Development for two purpose-driven brands, CAUSE+MEDIC and Clean Republic.

One Thing You May Not Know About Me...

I recently took my first nap as an adult. And now I get what all the buzz is about. It was glorious, and I do believe I will practice this ritural more often.

My Favorite Female Mentor Is...

Michelle Obama. When I need my fire lit, she's my go to. I also am really inspired by Joanna Gaines and lots of people tell me I look like her. 🙂

If I Could Eat One Cuisine For The Rest Of My Life...

ANYTHING from Coleman Smith's kitchen (aka The Coletrain Kitchen!)


Reconnect with YOUR business. Over the 5-days we’ll cover branding, strategy & content marketing. We’ll carve out time to work with you on your strategic plans, marketing goals, and website needs.


Soloprenuers need colleagues too! Come connect, break bread with, and toast other like-minded creatives. You’ll learn from each other, and will be reinspired sharing your startup story, passion, and purpose.


We’ll yoga, hike, bike, kayak, hot spring, and hammock. We’ll eat well, drink well and enjoy live tunes by the river. This is your time. To reconnect to your business, and let us take care of the rest.

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