Wolf & Heron lead sought after workshops all over the world that empower businesses and organizations big and small. Their client list includes Facebook, Delta, Indiegogo to name a few…

One Thing You May Not Know About Me...

I've never met a person from whom I couldn't learn something. Also, I used to be a competitive salsa dancer.

My Favorite Female Mentor Is...

Notable women that I follow are Brené Brown, Marie Forleo, and Kathryn Minshew. Women who have had the biggest impact on me are women who are close to me, like my sisters, my badass female friends, and my mother, of course.

If I Could Eat One Cuisine For The Rest Of My Life...

Definitely Thai food all the way!

Wolf & Heron’s mission is to help people live meaningful, purposeful lives. They do this by empowering organizations and leaders to better engage, develop, and inspire themselves and their employees.


They help individuals lead with purpose irrespective of their title, and help executives activate the discretionary effort of their teams. We are so stoked to have Wolf & Heron as our workshop partners at this year’s River Gathering. Stephanie Judd, Co-Founder of Wolf & Heron will be leading our daily workshops and will customize her most popular workshops specifically for our attendees.

Find Your Why

Having a clear purpose gives you focus, determination, and staying power to keep at the day-to-day hustle. During this session we peel back the layers of our motivations to find the core truth that keeps us moving forward. This insight gives us direction and is the foundation for our personal grit. It will help you share your story, invite people to join you, and give you meaning. Participants walk away with a clear purpose statement that will guide them through thick and thin. This purpose statement is a powerful input to the Own Your Future session that follows, and the Grit session on Day 3.

Own Your Future

Women who understand where they want to go are much more likely to find unexpected opportunities that will lead them there. In this session you will create a vision for your professional experience based on what’s important to you and the difference you want to make. We walk away from this session with the outline of an action plan that will build upon for the rest of the week. This action plan is a fantastic resource for the first Ring of Reciprocity of the week.

Ring of Reciprocity

Personal network is the 2nd more important influence power source, but it’s only as powerful as what we ask of it. In this session, we each share 3-5 clear “asks” of the network in the room, and then trade resources and insights that directly address our needs. Not only do we all have an opportunity to leverage the network in ways that help us, we all can contribute to the success of each other.

The Influencer’s Toolkit

Your ability to effectively influence and inspire others is a function of both your power and pathway. In this session, we explore the anatomy of influence, pulling it apart into the sources of power and various pathways that contribute to an individual's influence effectiveness. Participants complete a personal diagnostic that establishes an influence baseline, and highlights areas where intentional focus could increase personal influence.


Personal grit is the MOST POWERFUL source of influence and impact. Kelly McGonigal defined grit as a combination of three things: I will, I won’t, and I want power. In this session we take a look at the personal grit challenges we have, and pick apart which of the three power sources we need to build to better tackle them. Then we review some of the best ways we can build our grit. We walk away with a powerful sense of motivation and a go-get-it attitude.


Reconnect with YOUR business. Over the 5-days we’ll cover branding, strategy & content marketing. We’ll carve out time to work with you on your strategic plans, marketing goals, and website needs.


Soloprenuers need colleagues too! Come connect, break bread with, and toast other like-minded creatives. You’ll learn from each other, and will be reinspired sharing your startup story, passion, and purpose.


We’ll yoga, hike, bike, kayak, hot spring, and hammock. We’ll eat well, drink well and enjoy live tunes by the river. This is your time. To reconnect to your business, and let us take care of the rest.

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