Still on the fence?

Listen, we get it. Everyone has a budget, and only you can determine if The River Gathering is worth cutting into yours. So if your gut is saying wait, then wait. But if you’re on the fence and unsure know this. We (Maggie & myself) feel 100% confident telling you that you will not regret coming to The River Gathering. If you’re not wired to unplug, that’s ok. You’ll be in good company with us and will feel so good crossing off all those tasks and tossing out all those sticky notes.  You’ll walk away with new ideas, new goals, and new tools that will support your business for years to come. If you need some help with your business, but more than anything you are feeling the urge to do something nice for yourself, reset your mind, explore a new place, and do good things for your body, then you too will walk away with zero regrets.


Big hugs,

Robin & Maggie